Legendary Greensteel Crafting Planner

Legendary Green Steel (LGS) is similar in many ways to Heroic Green Steel (HGS). It still uses the Focus/Gem/Essence system for making augments (as opposed to shards). Feel free to play around with the planner and plan out your next LGS item!

You can create a fully upgraded LGS item (3 augments and an active augment), or you can just put whatever you want in what ever slot you want. There are no order requirements like there was in HGS. So if all you want is a clickie, then just find the active augment that you want and put it on your LGS item and you're done! If you find something on Tier 1 and Tier 3 that you only want, then just add those in and you'll be all set!

Also, if there are any other features that you would like to see added to the "Legendary Greensteel Crafting" tool, just post in the forum under my thread and I will see what I can do about adding as many features as are relevant.

Your Legendary Greensteel Item's Specs